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Barley Water

(Practical Cookery.) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

Boil a couple of ounces of barley, in two quarts of water, till

soft--pearl barley is the best, but the common barley answers very well.

When soft, strain and mix it with a little currant jelly, to give it a

pleasant, acid taste. If the jelly is not liked, turn it, when boiled

soft, on to a couple of ounces of figs or raisins, and boil it again,

till reduced to one quart, then strain it for use.

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How To Make Barley Water

Boil one ounce of barley in a quart of water for twenty minutes; strain

through muslin into a jug containing a bit of orange or lemon peel.

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Barley Water 180 Calories

2 tablespoons pearl barley

1 quart cold water

Wash barley, add cold water and let soak several hours or over night; in

same water, boil gently over direct heat two hours, or in a double

boiler steadily four hours, down to one pint if used for infant feeding,

and to one cup for the adult. Strain through muslin.

NOTE.--Cream or milk and salt may be added, or lemon juice and sugar.

Barley water is an astringent or demulcent drink used to reduce laxative


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Barley Water Infant Feeding 19 Calories

1 teaspoon barley flour

2 tablespoons cold water

1 pint boiling water

Blend flour and cold water to a smooth paste in top of double boiler;

add gradually the boiling water. Boil over direct heat five minutes,

stirring constantly, then put over boiling water and cook 15 minutes

longer, stirring frequently. Older infants take the barley water in much

more concentrated form. Barley water is used as a diluent with normal

infants and in forms of diarrhoea.

NOTE.--For children or adults, use 1/2 tablespoon barley or rice flour,

1 cup boiling water, 1/4 teaspoon salt.

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Barley Water

Thoroughly wash two ounces of pearl barley, (which costs

less than two cents,) to remove any musty or bad flavor, put it over the

fire in two quarts of cold water, and boil it until it is reduced to one

quart; then strain it, cool it, and drink it whenever you are thirsty. A

little sugar can be used without hurting the baby.

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