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(Soups) - (The New Dr. Price Cookbook)

6 lbs. shin of beef
3 to 6 quarts cold water
1 bay leaf
6 cloves
1 tablespoon mixed herbs
2 sprigs parsley
1/2 cup carrot
1/2 cup turnip
1/2 cup celery
1/2 cup onion
Wipe beef and cut lean meat into cubes; brown one-third in hot frying
pan; put remaining two-thirds with bone and fat into soup kettle; add
water and let stand 30 minutes. Place on back of range; add browned
meat and heat gradually to boiling point. Cover and cook slowly six
hours; add vegetables and seasoning one hour before it is finished.
Strain and put away to cool. Remove all fat; reheat and serve.

Other Recipes

Black Bean Soup

Soak over night one quart of black turtle beans in water to cover
them. In the morning strain and boil them in four quarts of water
for one hour, skimming frequently. Then put into the liquor two white
onions sliced, two stalks of celery cut into bits, salt, pepper,
cayenne, and one teaspoonful each of cloves and allspice. Boil for
three hours. Remove from the stove and add enough stock to thin the
mixture to the consistency of a cream soup. Pour into it nearly a
tumbler of sherry and add a thinly sliced lime. Place over the fire
to boil for five minutes. Just before serving stir into the soup three
hard-boiled eggs, finely chopped. Force meat balls may be added.

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Soak one pint of beans over night, drain, add cold water and rinse
thoroughly. Fry two tablespoons of chopped onion in two tablespoons of
butter, put in with the beans, add two stalks of celery or a piece of
celery root and two quarts of water. Cook slowly until the beans are
soft, three or four hours, add more boiling water as it boils away; rub
through a strainer, add one-eighth teaspoon of pepper, one-fourth
teaspoon of mustard, a few grains of cayenne. Heat one tablespoon of
butter in saucepan with two tablespoons of flour, then two-thirds cup
and then the rest of the soup gradually; cut a lemon (removing seeds)
and two hard-boiled eggs in slices and serve in the soup.

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To one quart of beans add one teaspoon of soda, cover with water, let
boil until the hulls will slip off, skim the beans out, throw them
into cold water, rub with the hands, then remove the hulls; drain, and
rub until all hulls are removed; take two quarts of water to one quart
of beans, boil until the beans will mash smooth; boil a small piece of
meat with the beans. If you have no meat, rub butter and flour
together, add to the soup, pour over toasted bread or crackers, and
season with salt and pepper. Add a little parsley, if desired.

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1 lb. Haricot Beans--4d.

2 Onions

1/2 pint of Milk

2 quarts Bone Stock--1 1/2d.

Total Cost--5 1/2 d.

Time--Four Hours

Soak the haricot beans for an hour or two, then put them into a
saucepan with the stock or water, the onions, and 1 dozen white
peppercorns; boil for four hours and then rub through a sieve, return
to the saucepan with the milk and seasoning of pepper and salt, stir
until it boils. It is then ready to serve. An ounce of butter stirred
in just before it is finished is a great improvement.
This is one of the most nourishing soups that can be made. It is an
excellent food for outdoor workers. When butter is dear, sweat the
haricots in 1 oz. of beef dripping.

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From MISS FLORIDA CUNINGHAM, of South Carolina, Lady Manager.
Two quarts of okra out very fine in three quarts of water, in which
put a large shank of beef, and boil one hour. Then skim well and add
two quarts of fresh tomatoes, strained. Boil slowly and without
ceasing for at least five hours. Season with salt to the taste when
the tomatoes are put in, and add black and cayenne pepper when ready
to serve. Keep closely covered while cooking.

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From MRS. M. D. FOLEY, of Nevada, Lady Manager.
Soak one coffee cup black turtle beans over night in cold water. Add
water enough in the morning to cook thoroughly. One hour before dinner
rub through a sieve and stir in three pints plain beef stock. Season
with salt, pepper, and a salt spoon each of cloven and allspice. Just
before serving add a wine glass of port or sherry, one small lemon
thinly sliced and one hard boiled egg chopped fine.

Other Recipes

String Bean Soup

Boil one pint of string beans cut in inch lengths, in one pint of veal

or celery stock and one pint of water, add a few slices of potatoes, a

stalk of tender celery chopped, half a small onion, two or three leaves

of summer savory and a clove. When soft rub through a sieve. Put in a

saucepan and cook together a tablespoonful of butter, a heaping

tablespoonful of flour and a pint of rich milk. Add this to the stock

and pulp, season with pepper and salt and serve.

Other Recipes

Turtle Bean Soup


One pint of black beans, boil in two quarts of water, one onion, two

carrots, small teaspoon of allspice, five or six cloves, a small bit of

bacon or ham. A good bone of roast beef or mutton, let all boil till

quite tender perhaps two hours. Then turn into a colander, take out the

bone and rub all the rest with a wooden spoon through the colander, if

this is too thick add some stock or water. Some meat balls can be


Other Recipes

Bean Soup

One pint navy beans, soak over night, cook till they are very tender,

add some celery and little tomato, salt and pepper to taste, cook all

well together. In another saucepan let boil one tablespoonful of butter,

add a chopped onion, fry till it is clear. Mix a tablespoonful of flour

with a cup of the soup and a little butter, cook a moment or two, add to

soup and let all boil ten minutes, add a pinch of red pepper and strain.

Other Recipes

Bean Soup

(Zuppa di fagiuoli)

One cup of dried beans, kidney, navy or lima is to be soaked over night.

Then boil until tender. It is preferable to put the beans to cook in

cold water with a pinch of soda. When they come to boil, pour off this

water and add fresh.

Chop fine 1/4 onion, one clove of garlic, one sprig of parsley and one

piece of celery and put them to fry in 1/4 cup of oil with salt and a

generous amount of pepper. When the vegetables are a delicate brown add

to them two cups of the broth from the beans and 1 cup of tomatoes

(canned or fresh). Let all come to a boil and pour the mixture into the

kettle of beans from which some of the water has been drained, if they

are very liquid. This soup may be served as it is or rubbed through a

sieve before serving. Croutons or triangles of dry toast make an

excellent addition.

The bean soup is made without meat or chicken broth, and it belongs

consequently to that class of soup called by the Italians "Minestra di

Magro" or "lean soup," to be served preferably on Friday and other days

in which the Roman Catholic Church prohibits the use of meats.

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