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Beans are a nice winter vegetable, but cooked with pork as "baked

beans," are too strong for daily use, but are a desirable article of

food cooked more plainly. Choose the small white beans, put them in a

saucepan with as much cold water, as will cover them well and a small

pinch of baking soda; when they have simmered a few minutes drain off

the water and replace it with hot water and a little salt; if possible

let them cook without boiling hard; when tender drain, and dish with a

liberal piece of butter and a dust of pepper. They are also good thrown

when drained into the frying pan with some dripping, pepper and salt,

and heated a few minutes over the fire. The only attention they require

in cooking is lest they melt into soup when nearly cooked.

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Chili Beans

Take four cups of red beans, one onion, four cloves of garlic, cover
with water and cook all day in a covered saucepan. Add a little water
from time to time if too dry. Cook slowly four red peppers and five
black peppers with seeds out, three black peppers with seeds, four
cloves of garlic, four onions with the hearts taken out, salt, and
one cup of beef stock. Rub through a sieve. Put in a saucepan four
tablespoonfuls of marrow. When very hot add the beans and then the

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Take a piece of brisket of beef, cover it with water, when boiling
skim off the fat, add one quarter of French beans cut small, two
onions cut in quarters, season with pepper and salt, and when nearly
done take a dessert-spoonful of flour, one of coarse brown sugar, and
a large tea-cup full of vinegar, mix them together and stir in with
the beans, and continue stewing for about half an hour longer.

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Beat one egg until light, add three-fourths teaspoon of salt, one-half
cup of flour and two tablespoons of water. Put through colander into
deep hot fat and fry until brown. Drain and pour hot broth over them.

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Cover the shelled beans with boiling water; bring to a boil quickly;
then let them simmer slowly till tender. Drain and add salt, pepper and
butter or hot cream or cream sauce.

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Cut off both ends of the beans, string them carefully and break into
pieces about an inch in length and boil in salt water. When tender drain
off this brine and add fresh water (boiling from the kettle). Add a
piece of butter, three or four large potatoes cut into squares, also
four large tomatoes, cut up, and season with salt and pepper. Melt one
tablespoon of butter in a spider, stir into it one tablespoon of flour,
thin with milk, and add this to the beans.

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Take a small breast of lamb, two large onions, one-quarter peck of beans
(string and cut in long thin pieces); skin six large tomatoes, and add
two cups of water. Cook until the beans are tender, then add one
tablespoon of flour to thicken.
Put the beans into sufficient boiling water to just cover them; cook for
one hour and a half to two hours, depending upon the tenderness of the
beans. Meanwhile, prepare for each quart of beans five sour apples;
peel, core and cut in pieces. When the beans are done, add the apples,
the thin peel of one lemon, the juice of one and one-half lemons, a
small teaspoon of salt, and two tablespoons of cider vinegar. Let the
apples cook on top of the beans until they are thoroughly done, then mix
well with a good quarter cup of granulated sugar. This dish will be
better by being served the next day warmed up.

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If you use canned string beans, heat some fat in a spider and put in one
tablespoon of flour; brown slightly; add one tablespoon of brown sugar,
a pinch of salt, some cinnamon and vinegar to taste; then add the beans
and let them simmer on the back of stove, but do not let them burn. The
juice of pickled peaches or pears is delicious in preparing sweet and
sour beans.

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Cut off the tops and bottoms and "string" carefully; break the beans in
pieces about an inch long and lay them in cold water, with a little
salt, for ten or fifteen minutes. Heat one tablespoon of drippings in a
stew-pan, in which you have cut up part of an onion and some parsley;
cover this and stew about ten minutes. In the meantime, drain the beans,
put into the stew-pan and stew until tender; add one tablespoon of flour
and season with salt and pepper (meat gravy or soup stock will improve
them). You may pare about half a dozen potatoes, cut into dice shape,
and add to the beans. If you prefer, you may add cream or milk instead
of soup stock and use butter.

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Look the beans over carefully to remove all dirt and pebbles, then wash
clean. Soak them overnight in plenty of cold water. In the morning pour
off the water and put them in a stew-pan with cold water enough to cover
them generously. Let them come to the boiling point in this water, then
drain. If the beans are old and hard, for each quart put a piece of soda
about the size of a large bean in the water in which they are soaked
overnight, also in the first water in which they are boiled.
The scalded and drained beans should be put back in the stew-pan and
covered generously with boiling water. Add one tablespoon of salt for
one quart of beans. They should now cook slowly, with the cover
partially off the stew-pan until they have reached the required degree
of tenderness. For stewed and baked beans the cooking must stop when the
skins begin to crack. For beans served with a sauce they should cook
until perfectly tender, but they must not be broken or mushy. For purées
and soups they should be cooked until very soft.

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Soak overnight and drain the beans, boil in salted water until tender;
drain and prepare by adding salt and pepper to taste, thicken with one
tablespoon of drippings in which has been browned one tablespoon of
flour and some soup stock. If the beans are to be made sweet sour add
two tablespoons of vinegar and two tablespoons of brown sugar; boil for
a few minutes and serve.
Wash, pick over and soak overnight in cold water, two cups of navy
beans. In the morning, drain and cover with fresh water, heat slowly and
let cook just below the boiling point until the skins burst. When done,
drain beans and put in a pot with one and one-half pounds of brisket of
beef. Mix one-half tablespoon of mustard; one teaspoon of salt, one
tablespoon of molasses, two tablespoons of sugar, one-half cup of
boiling water and pour over beans, and add enough more boiling water to
cover them. Cover pot and bake slowly six or eight hours.

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