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Beef Broth

(Beverages) - (The Community Cook Book)

Wash one pound of lean beef from the shoulder or round. Chop the meat

fine and remove pieces of fat; put meat into a pint of cold water with

one-fourth teaspoon of salt and let it soak in a cold place for an hour.

Place meat in a small cooker pan set over a large cooker pail of hot

(but not boiling) water; heat the broth until it registers 165 degrees

Fahrenheit. Slip pails into cooker for half an hour. Strain through

coarse wire strainer, remove fat and serve at once in a heated cup. It

may be chilled or frozen to the consistency of mush.

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Beef Broth

Put two pounds of lean beef from the neck, (cost twelve

cents,) in two and a half quarts of cold water to boil; skim as soon as

it boils, and add a level tablespoonful of salt, half a teaspoonful of

pepper, quarter of a nutmeg grated, a few sweet herbs, and half a dozen

cloves; (cost of seasoning two cents;) boil gently for one hour. At the

end of quarter of an hour make as follows some

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