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Beef Gravy To Keep For Use

(Sauces.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Cover a piece of six or eight pounds with water; boil it for twenty

minutes or half an hour: then take out the meat, beat it thoroughly, and

cut it in pieces, to let out the gravy. Put it again into the water,

with a bunch of sweet-herbs, an onion stuck with cloves, a little salt,

and some whole pepper. Let it stew, but not boil, till the meat is quite

consumed; pass it through a sieve, and let it stand in a cool place. It

will keep for a week, if the weather is not very hot. If you want to use

this for a hash of brown meat, put a little butter in your frying-pan,

shake in a little flour as it boils, and add a glass of claret: if for a

white sauce to fowls or veal, melt the butter in the gravy, with a glass

of white wine, two spoonfuls of cream, and the yolks of four or six

eggs, according to the quantity of sauce required.

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