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Beef Sausage Fashion

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a slice of beef, about half an inch thick and four or five wide;

cut it in two equal parts; beat them well to make them flat, and pare

the edges neatly. Mince your parings with beef suet, parsley, onions,

mushroom, a shalot, two leaves of basil, and mix them into a forcemeat

with the yolks of four eggs. A little minced ham is a great addition.

Spread this forcemeat upon the slices of beef, and roll them up in the

form of sausages. Tie them with packthread, and stew them in a little

broth, a glass of white wine, salt, pepper, an onion stuck with cloves,

a carrot, and a parsnip. When they are done, strain off the liquor, and,

having skimmed off the fat, reduce it over the fire to the consistence

of a sauce; take care that it be not too highly flavoured, and serve it

over your sausages, or they may be served on sorrel, spinach, or any

other sauce you prefer.

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