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Beer For Nursing Women

(Beverages.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

It is generally believed that women who drink

malt liquor are able to nurse children to greater advantage than those

who do not use it. The fact is that while the quantity of milk may be

increased, its nourishing quality will be impaired. There may be more

milk for the child, but it will be poor. The effect of all malt liquors

is to promote the secretion of the fluids of the body, but not to enrich

them. Do not drink beer for the sake of your child, but try milk, or

milk and water instead, and see if after a fair trial you do not have

plenty for the baby, and if it does not grow strong and fat. If milk

does not agree with you, or you cannot afford it, use barley water; it

will not only give you plenty of milk, but it will nourish you as well

as the baby. You will get from it all the nourishment that you may fancy

you get from malt liquor, with this advantage: in the barley water you

will get all the nutriment of the grain unchanged, while in the form of

beer the fermentation has destroyed part of it. The following is a good


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