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Beerf Bouilli Another Way

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take about eight or nine pounds of the middle part of the brisket; put

it into your stew-kettle (first letting it hang up for four or five

days) with a little whole pepper, salt, and a blade or two of mace, a

turnip or two, and an onion, adding about three pints or two quarts of

water. Cover it up close, and when it begins to boil skim it; let it

stand on a very slow fire, just to keep it simmering. It will take five

hours or more before it is done, and during that time you must take the

meat out, in order to skim off the fat. When it is quite tender take

your stewpan, and brown a little butter and flour, enough to thicken the

gravy, which you must put through a colander, first adding sliced

carrots and turnips, previously boiled in another pot. You may also, if

you choose, put in an anchovy, a little ketchup, and juice of lemon; but

these are omitted according to taste. When the gravy is thus prepared,

put the meat in again; give it a boil, and dish it up.

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