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(Salads) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Boil beets when tender, skin quickly white hot and slice them into a
bowl. Sprinkle salt, pepper, a tablespoon of brown sugar, some caraway
seeds, one medium-sized onion in slices and pour over all one-half cup
of vinegar which has been boiled; with a fork mix the hot vinegar
through the other ingredients.

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Swiss Beet Salad.

Clean and season a chicken with salt and pepper and let boil until
tender. Put the chicken in a baking-dish; pour over some tomato-sauce
highly seasoned; sprinkle with well-buttered bread-crumbs and let bake
until brown. Place on a large platter with a border of boiled rice and
pour over the sauce. Serve hot.

Other Recipes

Beet Salad

Slice cold boiled beets; cut into neat strips, and serve with white

crisp lettuce; pour over a mayonnaise dressing; or slice the beets and

put in layers with slices of hard boiled eggs, or, with new potatoes and

serve on lettuce with French dressing garnished with water cress.

Other Recipes

14 Beet Salad

Slice and cut into fancy shapes cold boiled beets; heap them in a salad

bowl; cover with a thin sauce tartar. Garnish with young lettuce leaves.

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