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Belgian Eggs

(Foreign Dishes) - (365 Foreign Dishes)

Peel and boil potatoes well seasoned; then mash thoroughly with a lump
of butter. Add some milk and 2 eggs; beat well until very light. Then
fry in deep hot lard by the tablespoonful until a light brown. Serve
hot with broiled steak.

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Pick over half a pound of mushrooms, cut them in small pieces like dice,
and put them to stew in the oven with plenty of butter, pepper, and salt.
Make a thick white sauce, and you may add to it the juice from the
mushrooms when they are cooked; then stir in the mushrooms. Take three
hard-boiled eggs, and separate yolks from whites. Put into a shallow
vegetable-dish the whites cut up in small pieces, pour over them the
bechamel with the mushrooms, and finish up by sprinkling over the top the
hard-boiled yolks, which you have crumbled up with a fork.
[_Mme. Braconnière_.]

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