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Biscuits Sultan

(Pastry, Sweets, Frozen Delicacie) - (The Italian Cook Book)

(Biscotto alla sultana)

Granulated sugar, six ounces.

Flour, four ounces.

Potato meal, two ounces.

Currants, three ounces.

Candied fruits, one ounce.

Five eggs.

A taste of lemon peel.

Two tablespoonfuls of brandy.

Put first on the fire the currants and the candied fruits cut in very

little cubes with as much brandy or cognac as is necessary to cover

them: when it boils, light the brandy and let it burn out of the fire

until the liquor is all consumed: then remove the currants and candy and

let them dry in a folded napkin. Then stir for half an hour the sugar

with the egg-yolks and the taste of lemon peel. Beat well the white of

the eggs and pour them on the sugar and yolks. Add the flour and potato

meal letting them fall from a sieve and stir slowly until everything is

well mixed together. Add the currants and the pieces of candied fruits

and pour the mixing in a smooth mold or in a high and round cake-dish.

Grease the mold or the dish with butter and sprinkle with powdered sugar

or flour. Put at once in the oven to avoid that the currants and the

candied fruits fall in the oven.

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