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Boiled Artichokes

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

The edible part of a French Artichoke is the base of the scales and the

bottom of the artichoke. The Jerusalem artichoke is a genuine tuber

something like a potato. They are differently treated in preparation for

cooking, but are cooked similarly. To prepare a French artichoke for

boiling, pull off the outer leaves, cut the stalks close to the bottom,

wash well and throw into cold salt water for two hours. To boil, plunge

them into boiling salted water, stalk end up with an inverted plate over

them to keep them down. Boil until very tender, season well, drain and

arrange on a dish with tops up. Pour over any good vegetable sauce. (See

Sauces.) To prepare Jerusalem artichokes for boiling pare and slice thin

into cold water to prevent turning dark, boil in salted water, season

and serve with drawn butter or a good sauce.

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Boiled Artichokes

First clean, then soak in cold water fifteen minutes. Then put in

boiling water till soft, testing them by pulling off leaves.

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