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(Eggs) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Soft-boiled eggs may be prepared in two ways. The eggs may be dropped
carefully into boiling water and boiled three minutes, or they may be
placed in a covered vessel of boiling water and allowed to stand in a
warm place (but not on the stove) for ten minutes. Eggs prepared in this
way are sometimes called "Coddled Eggs." They are much more delicate and
digestible than the usual "Boiled Eggs."
Hard-boiled eggs should be cooked in boiling water for fifteen or twenty
minutes and then dropped in cold water to prevent the yolk from turning

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Eggs to be hard boiled should be carefully placed in boiling water
and cooked 15 minutes from the time the water commences to boil again.
If cooked a longer time, the white of egg will look dark and the outer
part of yolk will not be a clear yellow, as it should, to look
appetizing when served.

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The quicker way to prepare eggs is to drop them in a stew-pan
containing boiling water, and let boil 3-1/2 to 4 minutes, when the
white part of the egg should be "set" and the yolk soft, but a soft
boiled egg is said to be more easily digested if dropped into a
stew-pan of rapidly boiling water; remove the stew-pan of boiling
water the minute the eggs have been put in from the front part of the
range to a place where the water will keep hot, but not allow the eggs
to boil. Let the eggs remain in the hot water from 8 to 10 minutes. On
breaking the egg open, the yolk will be found soft, and the white of
the egg a soft, jelly-like consistency. This latter is the way Aunt
Sarah taught Mary.

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Put eggs in a bowl or pan; pour boiling water over them until they are
well covered; let stand ten minutes; pour off water, and again cover
with boiling water. If you like them quite soft, eat immediately
after pouring on second water; if you like them harder, leave them in
longer. This method makes the white more jelly-like and digestible.

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3 slices bacon cut into small pieces
1 slice onion chopped
2 tablespoons flour
1-1/2 cups strained tomatoes
1/2 teaspoon salt
few gratings of nutmeg
1 tablespoon chopped green peppers
Put bacon into saucepan, add onion and brown slightly. Add flour,
tomatoes which have been heated and strained, and stir until thick.
Add seasoning and peppers.

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Boiled Eggs

On holydays, an _egg or two_ at most;

But her ambition never reached to roast.


The fresher laid the better. Put them into boiling water; if you like

the white just set, about two minutes' boiling is enough. A new-laid egg

will take a little more. If you wish the yolk to be set, it will take

three, and to boil it hard for a salad, ten minutes. A new-laid egg

will require longer boiling than a stale one by half a minute.

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Rice Border With Vegetables Or Hard Boiled Eggs In Cream Sauce

Three-quarters of a cup of Carolina rice, picked over carefully and

washed. Boil fifteen minutes in salted water. Drain off the water and

have one pint and a half of boiling milk in a double boiler, stir the

rice into this and cook until all the milk is absorbed, then add a

tablespoonful of butter. Butter a border mould well, turn the rice into

it, pressing it down so that the form will be perfect, put in the plate

heater for five minutes, turn out on a platter and serve with vegetables

or hard boiled eggs in a cream sauce.

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Boiled Eggs

To boil an egg would seem to be the easiest matter possible, but it

requires care just the same. Scarcely any two people in a family like

eggs cooked the same length of time, and so, after ascertaining the way

each one prefers, have the water boiling hard, and then check by adding

a little cold water so that the shells will not crack from the heat. Put

in the eggs carefully with a tablespoon, to prevent striking each other,

boil the required number of minutes and remove each when its time is up,

sending to the table at once. Hard boiled eggs, to be digestible, should

be kept just at the boiling point for thirty minutes. The yolks will

then be mealy.

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