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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

When preparing to cook a ham, scrape, wash and trim it carefully.
Place ham in a large cook pot or boiler, partly cover with cold water,
let come to a boil, then move back on range where the water will
merely simmer, just bubble gently around the edge of the boiler. A
medium sized ham should be tender in five or six hours. When a fork
stuck into the ham comes out readily, the ham is cooked. Take from the
boiler and skin carefully, removing all the discolored portions of the
smoked end, stick 2 dozen whole cloves into the thick fat, and
sprinkle a couple tablespoonfuls of brown sugar and fine bread crumbs
over top. Place in a very hot oven a short time, until the fat turns a
golden brown. Watch carefully to see that it does not scorch. When
cold, slice thin and serve. Aunt Sarah frequently added a pint of
cider to the water in which the ham was boiled. She said this improved
the flavor of the ham.

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Devil for Boiled Ham or Fowl

Put in a saucepan half a teacupful of soup stock, three ounces of
butter, one teaspoonful of salt, one teaspoonful of made mustard, two
teaspoonfuls of French mustard, two cloves of garlic chopped fine, one
onion chopped, two green peppers and one pickeled gherkin chopped, one
tomato peeled and cut up, the juice of half a lime and half a lime
cut in thin slices. Simmer for one hour, then add the following: One
tablespoonful of Worcestershire sauce, one of Imperial sauce, one of
Tarragon vinegar, two of Bon Gout sauce, two of mushroom catsup, two
of walnut catsup and two tablespoonfuls of chutney, add half a pint of
sherry and simmer for fifteen minutes.
This will keep several months.

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The best ham to select is one weighing from eight to ten pounds. Take
one that is not too fat, to save waste. Wash it carefully before you
put it on to boil, removing rust or mold with a small, stiff scrubbing
brush. Lay it in a large boiler, and pour over it enough cold water
to cover it. To this add a bay leaf, half a dozen cloves, a couple of
blades of mace, a teaspoonful of sugar, and, if you can get it, a good
handful of fresh, sweet hay. Let the water heat very gradually, not
reaching the boil under two hours. It should never boil hard, but
simmer gently until the ham has cooked fifteen minutes to every pound.
It must cool in the liquor, and the skin should not be removed until
the meat is entirely cold, taking care not to break or tear the fat.
Brush over the ham with beaten egg, strew it thickly with very fine
bread crumbs, and brown in a quick oven. Arrange a frill of paper
around the bone of the shank, and surround the ham with water-cress,
or garnish the dish with parsley.

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Boiled Ham

Put a ham weighing 14 pounds in a large kettle and half cover with cold

water and cook slowly. When the water boils, add a quart of sour white

wine and cook about five hours, or until tender. Put the ham in a baking

pan and trim off the under side nicely, and take off the skin. Cover an

inch thick with currant jelly, put a cup of sherry in the pan and put

into a pretty hot oven. Let the fire go down; baste very often at first,

that the wine may penetrate the jelly, and bake a half hour or more.

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