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Boiled Indian Pudding

(Practical Cookery.) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

Stir enough sifted Indian meal into a quart of boiling milk or water, to

make a very stiff batter--then stir in a couple of table-spoonsful of

flour, three of sugar or molasses, half a spoonful of ginger, or a

couple of tea-spoonsful of cinnamon, and a couple of tea-spoonsful of

salt. Two or three eggs improve the pudding, but are not essential--some

people like a little chopped suet in them. The pudding will boil, so as

to be very good, in the course of three hours, but it is better for

being boiled five or six hours. Some cooks boil them eight or nine

hours--when boiled so long, it is necessary to boil them several hours

the day before they are to be eaten.

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Boiled Indian Pudding

Dissolve a level teaspoonful of soda in one pint

of sour milk, add to it one pint of molasses, (cost five cents,) quarter

of a pound of chopped suet, (cost two cents,) half a pound of Indian

meal, (cost two cents,) and a level teaspoonful of salt; if you have no

milk use boiling water instead of it; put the pudding into a scalded

pudding bag, or a pudding kettle, and this into a pot of boiling water;

boil steadily for four hours, adding boiling water as the quantity

decreases. The pudding when cooked may be eaten with sauce or molasses,

if desired; it will cost about ten cents.

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