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Boiled Mutton

(Sunday Dinners.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

The shoulder of mutton can be bought at the market for

about six cents a pound. Choose one weighing not over four pounds, (cost

twenty-four cents,) wipe it with a clean, damp cloth, put it into three

quarts of boiling water with a tablespoonful of salt, one cents' worth

of soup greens, a level teaspoonful of pepper, and boil it gently

fifteen minutes for each pound, skimming it as often as any scum rises.

About one hour before it is done pare one quart of turnips, cut them in

quarters, and boil them with the mutton. Wash one quart of potatoes,

pare off a ring from each, and boil them in boiling water. Serve them

with the mutton and turnips, saving the broth from the mutton for BREAD

BROTH for breakfast. The potatoes and turnips will cost five cents, and

the proportionate cost of the mutton will be twelve cents; so the dinner

will cost seventeen cents. The remains of the mutton must be saved for

MUTTON rechauffee, as the basis of the next day's dinner.

Other Recipes

Shalot Sauce For Boiled Mutton

Mince four shalots fine, put them into a stewpan, with about half a pint

of the liquor in which the mutton is boiled; put in a table-spoonful of

vinegar, a quarter of a tea-spoonful of pepper, a little salt, a bit of

butter, of the size of a walnut, rolled in flour; shake them together,

and boil.

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