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Boiled Peas

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Do not shell peas until ready to cook. Salt, and slightly sweeten if

needed boiling water, drop the peas so slowly into the water it will not

stop boiling. Boil the peas until tender without covering and they will

keep their color. They will generally cook in about twenty minutes, take

them up with a little of the liquor in which they were boiled, butter

and pepper them, and they are much better to add a little sweet cream,

but will do without. If they are cooked immediately upon gathering, they

will need no sugar; if allowed to remain twelve hours or more, a

tablespoonful of sugar will be found an addition. A sprig of mint or a

little parsley may be added. Pea-pods are sometimes boiled in a small

quantity of water, then are skimmed out and the peas are boiled in this


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