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(Cereals) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Put one-half cup of rice in a strainer; place the strainer over a bowl
nearly full of cold water; rub the rice; lift the strainer from the bowl
and change the water. Repeat this until the water in the bowl is clear.
Have two quarts of water boiling briskly, add the rice and one
tablespoon of salt gradually so as not to stop the boiling; boil twenty
minutes or until soft, do not stir; drain through a colander and place
the colander over boiling water for ten minutes to steam. Every grain
will be distinct. Serve as a vegetable or as a cereal with cream and

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Boil as much rice as desired and when done slice up the pineapple and
add, with as much sugar as is required to sweeten to taste.

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Boiled Rice

One of the quickest ways of preparing rice is to fill a large kettle

with water, allow it to come to a boil; when bubbling vigorously throw

in two cups of rice and boil hard twenty-five minutes. Empty into a

colander and dash under cold water, which will separate the grains.

Season with pepper and salt, heap lightly on a dish and put a lump of

butter on top.

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Boiled Rice

Wash very thoroughly one cupful of rice; boil for twenty minutes in

three quarts of boiling water; drain and shake well, pour cold water

over the rice to separate the grains, and set in the oven a few minutes

to keep hot.

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Boiled Rice

For Curries, etc.

About 12 ounces of rice.

A pinch of salt.


Place the rice in a saucepan, cover with cold water and bring to the

boil, then strain away the water and return the rice to the saucepan,

add fresh cold water and the salt, and boil for fifteen minutes, then

strain it through a colander again.

Stand the colander containing the rice on a plate, cover it with a cloth

and place in a warm (not hot) oven for two hours. Stir the rice

occasionally with a fork.

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Boiled Rice Pudding

Put two tea-cups of rice into a quart of boiling water--add a couple of

tea-spoonsful of salt, and let the rice boil till soft. Then take it

from the fire, stir in a quart of cold milk, and half a pound of

raisins; or omit the raisins, and substitute any other fruit that you

may like. Beat a couple of eggs, and put in, together with half of a

grated nutmeg. Set the whole on the fire, and let it boil till the fruit

is soft. Serve it up with butter and sugar.

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Boiled Rice

Another good dish of rice for supper can be made as

follows. Wash half a pound of rice (cost five cents,) throw it into one

quart of boiling water, containing two teaspoonfuls of salt, and boil it

fast ten minutes; drain it in a colander, saving the water to use with

broth next day; meantime just grease the pot with sweet drippings, put

the rice back in it, cover it, and set it on a brick on the top of the

stove, or in a cool oven, and let it stand ten minutes to swell; be

careful not to burn it. The addition of a very little butter, sugar,

molasses, nutmeg, lemon juice, or salt and pepper, will give it

different flavors; so that you can vary the taste, and have it often

without getting tired of it, and it need never cost you over seven


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Boiled Rice

Rice is one of our most nutritious foods, and it can be served in such a

variety of ways it is one of the first things a child should be shown

how to prepare. The very easiest (and cheapest) way is to wash and drain

a cup of rice and then sprinkle it slowly into two quarts of boiling

salted water. Without stirring, set it where it will simmer slowly, and

by the time it has boiled down thick it should be tender enough to crush

with the tongue. If not, add a little more boiling water and allow to

cook a while longer, but if it is not stirred the grains will be whole

and the rice will not stick to the pan as long as there is water enough

to keep from burning. If it is to be served plain, with only cream and

sugar, add a teaspoonful of butter and stir through lightly just before

turning out in the dish for the table and sprinkle a little ground

cinnamon over the top. This makes an easy and generally very acceptable

dessert. It is particularly nice if turned first into cups to mold, and

then served on a small dish with a spoonful of jelly or some preserve

over the top.

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