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(Fish) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Cut up a celery root, one onion, and a sprig of parsley, tie the fish in
a napkin and lay it on this bed of roots; pour in enough water to cover
and add a dash of vinegar--the vinegar keeps the fish firm--then boil
over a quick fire and add more salt to the water in which the fish has
been boiled. Lay your fish on a hot platter and prepare the following
sauce: set a cup of sweet cream in a kettle, heat it, add a tablespoon
of fresh butter, salt and pepper, and thicken with a tablespoon of flour
which has been wet with a little cold milk, stir this paste into the
cream and boil about one minute, stirring constantly; pour over the
fish. Boil two eggs, and while they are boiling, blanch about a dozen or
more almonds and stick them into the fish, points up; cover the eggs
with cold water, peel them, separate the whites from the yolks, chop
each separately; garnish the fish, first with a row of chopped yolks,
then whites, until all is used: lay chopped parsley all around the
Fresh cod and striped bass may be cooked in this way.

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