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Boiled Turkey

(Meats.) - (A Poetical Cook-book)

But man, cursed man, on _turkeys_ preys,

And Christmas shortens all our days.

Sometimes with oysters we combine,

Sometimes assist the savory chine.

From the low peasant to the lord,

The _turkey_ smokes on every board.


Make a stuffing of bread, salt, pepper, nutmeg, lemon-peel, a few

oysters, a bit of butter, some suet, and an egg; put this into the crop,

fasten up the skin, and boil the turkey in a floured cloth to make it

very white. Have ready some oyster sauce made rich with butter, a little

cream, and a spoonful of soy, and serve over the turkey.

Other Recipes

Sauce For Boiled Turkey Or Fowl

Take an anchovy, boil it in a quarter of a pint of water; put to it a

blade of mace and some peppercorns; strain it off; then put to it two

spoonfuls of cream, with butter and flour.

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