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Bologna Sausages

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Have the fillets of young, tender porkers, and out of the weight of

twenty-five pounds three parts are to be lean and one fat; season them

well in the small shredding with salt and pepper, a little grated

nutmeg, and a pint of white wine, mixed with a pint of hog's blood;

stirring and beating it well together, with a little of the sweet-herbs

finely chopped; with a funnel open the mouths of the guts, and thrust

the meat gently into it with a clean napkin, as by forcing it with your

hands you may break the gut. Divide them into what lengths you please;

tie them with fine thread, and let them dry in the air for two or three

days, if the weather be clear and a brisk wind, hanging them in rows at

a little distance from each other in the smoke-loft. When well dried,

rub off the dust they contract with a clean cloth; pour over them sweet

olive-oil, and cover them with a dry earthen vessel.

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