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(Soups) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take some red beetroots, wash thoroughly and peel, and then boil in a
moderate quantity of water from two to three hours over a slow fire, by
which time a strong red liquor should have been obtained. Strain off the
liquor, adding lemon juice, sugar, and salt to taste, and when it has
cooled a little, stir in sufficient yolks of eggs to slightly thicken
it. May be used either cold or hot. In the latter case a little
home-made beef stock may be added to the beet soup.
If after straining off the soup the remaining beetroot is not too much
boiled away, it may be chopped fine with a little onion, vinegar and
dripping, flavored with pepper and salt, and used as a vegetable.
Wash one pint of white haricot beans and one pint of coarse barley and
put them into a covered pot or pan with some pieces of fat meat and some
pieces of marrow bone, or the backs of two fat geese which have been
skinned and well spiced with ginger and garlic. Season with pepper and
salt and add sufficient water to cover. Cover the pot up tightly. If one
has a coal range it can be placed in the oven on Friday afternoon and
let remain there until Saturday noon. The heat of the oven will be
sufficient to bake the Schalet if there was a nice clear fire when the
porridge was put in the oven. If this dish cannot be baked at home it
may be sent to a neighboring baker to be placed in the oven there to
remain until Saturday noon, when it is called for. This takes the place
of soup for the Sabbath dinner.

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About three weeks before Pesach take twenty pounds of beet-root, which
must be thoroughly washed and scraped. Place the whole in a six-quart
crock, cover with water. Place the cover on the crock and over this
cover put a clean cloth.
When ready for use the liquor is boiled with any relishes and spices
that are liked and may be used either hot or cold.
Boil as much as required for the meal, for twenty minutes or longer if
desired, and thicken with beaten whole eggs that have been mixed with a
little of the unboiled borsht, add the hot soup and serve. Do not boil
after adding the eggs.
To two quarts of borsht take three eggs.

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