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Boudin Blanc

(American Cookery)

Cook a dozen small onions, sliced, in a saucepan with one cup of sweet

leaf-lard. While cooking put through the meat chopper one-half a pound,

each, of fresh pork and the dark and white meat of a fowl or chicken.

Add to saucepan containing onions and lard, and stir in enough fine

bread crumbs to make the whole the consistency of a soft dough. Add

seasoning of salt and pepper with a spoonful of mixed dried herbs.

Lastly, add one cup of sweet cream and three well-beaten eggs, and stir

the whole until the eggs are set. Stuff this into pig entrails, making

links six inches long. Keep stored in a cool place, and cook like

sausage. Or the boudin may be packed into jars, and sliced or cut into

dice and sauteed when cold.

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