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Brain And Liver Pudding

(Sunday Dinners.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

You can generally buy a pig's brain and haslet

at the slaughter house for about ten cents; wash them thoroughly; slice

the heart, liver, and lights, and fry them light brown in a cents' worth

of drippings. Put the brain over the fire in cold water with a

tablespoonful each of salt and vinegar, let it boil for fifteen minutes,

and then lay it in cold water to get hard. Make a suet crust, as

directed for SUET DUMPLINGS, (cost five cents,) roll out a cover for the

pudding, line the edges of the dish two inches down with it, and put any

bits you may have remaining, into the dish in layers with the haslet and

brain sliced; season the pudding with one level tablespoonful of salt,

one onion chopped, and half a level teaspoonful of pepper; cover it with

the suet crust, and bake it for about an hour in a moderate oven. Serve

it hot. The pudding will make a very hearty dinner, at a cost of about

fifteen cents.

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