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Brain Fritters

(Little Dishes Of Fish.) - (Nelsons Home Comforts)

Carefully wash an ox brain, and boil it for a quarter of an hour in

well-seasoned stock. When the brain is cold, cut it into slices as thin

as possible, dip each of them in batter, drop them as you do them into a

stewpan half-full of fat at a temperature of 430 deg., or that which

will brown instantly a piece of bread dipped into it. To make the

batter, mix two large tablespoonfuls of fine flour with four of cold

water, stir in a tablespoonful of dissolved butter or of fine oil, the

yolk of an egg, and a pinch of salt and pepper; when ready to use, beat

the white of the egg to a strong froth, and mix with it. Do not fry more

than two fritters at once; as you take them up, throw them on paper to

absorb any grease clinging to them, serve on a napkin or ornamental

dish-paper. If this recipe is closely followed, the fritters will be

light, crisp, delicate morsels, melting in the mouth, and form besides a

very pretty dish. Garnish with fried parsley; take care the parsley is

thoroughly dry, put it into a small frying-basket, and immerse it for an

instant in the fat in which the fritters are to be cooked. Turn it out

on paper, dry, and serve.

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