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Bran And Lyster Flour Muffins

(Diabetic Diet)

2 level tablespoons lard

2 eggs

4 tablespoons heavy cream, 40% fat

2 cups washed bran

1 package Lyster flour

1/2 cup water or less

Tie dry bran in cheesecloth and soak 1 hour. Wash, by squeezing water

through and through, change water several times. Wring dry.

Separate eggs and beat thoroughly. Add to the egg yolks the melted

lard, cream and 2 beaten egg whites. Add the Lyster flour, washed bran

and water.

Make eighteen muffins.

Total food value: Protein 99 grams, fat 68 grams, carbohydrate 2

grams, calories 1049.

One muffin = protein 5 grams, fat 4 grams, carbohydrate, trace,

calories 58.

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