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(Preserving And Bottling.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Put into a large wide mouthed bottle very ripe black cherries, add to
them two pounds of loaf sugar, a quart of brandy, and a few cloves,
then bruise a few more cherries, and simmer with sugar, strain and add
the juice to the cherries in the bottle, cork closely, and keep in a
warm dry place.

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Select the largest sweet cherries for this purpose, leaving the stems
on. Allow half a pound of sugar to every pound of fruit, and a pint of
good brandy for every five pounds of fruit. Make a syrup of the sugar,
using as little water as possible. Pour it over the cherries and let
them remain in the syrup all night. Next day put them in a preserving
kettle and heat slowly. Boil about eight minutes. Take up the cherries
with a perforated skimmer and boil the syrup fifteen minutes. Add the
brandy to the boiling syrup, remove from the fire and pour over the
cherries hot, and seal.

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