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Brandy Peaches

(Pickles.) - (The Cookery Blue Book)

If possible procure "Morris White" peaches. Peel very carefully and

throw into cold water to keep them white. To 6 pounds of fruit allow the

same weight of sugar; make a syrup of 2 pounds of the sugar and cook

peaches very slowly until tender. Lay them on a platter to cool. Then

add the remainder of the sugar and make a rich syrup; remove from fire

and let it cool a little. Place the peaches in jars. To every 2 cups of

syrup add 1 of perfectly white brandy, and pour over the peaches.

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To Brandy Peaches

To three pounds of sugar add a pint and a half water; boil and skim it;

prepare eight pounds of ripe clingstone peaches: wash and rub with a

coarse towel until all the down is off, then pierce them with a fork and

throw them into the syrup and boil them until a sharp straw can

punctuate them: as they soften put them into your jar, which must be

kept closely covered. Boil your syrup until it thickens, while hot, add

a quart of the best brandy and throw it over your peaches, tie the jar

down closely.

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