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(Plum Pudding) - (Favorite Dishes)

From MRS. LOUISE L. BARTON, of Idaho, Alternate Lady Manager.
One pint of flour, one heaping teaspoonful of baking powder, lump of
butter the size of a hickory nut, one pinch of salt, wet up with milk
to a thick batter as stiff as for gems; add one pint of cherries with
the juice strained off; stir the cherries into the batter; steam in
stem cake dish; butter cake dish, and steam three-quarters of an hour.
When done turn out on plate.
_Sauce for same_--One cup of cherry juice, one cup of sugar, one
cup of water, small lump of butter, one tablespoonful of thickening;
when it boils up add two tablespoons of cherry wine and nutmeg to
taste. This pudding is enough for twelve persons.

Other Recipes

Bread And Butter Pudding No 1

Cut six small tea buns in half, butter well, using two generous ounces

of butter for the six, and put them together again. Beat three eggs with

a cup and a half of rich milk, add half a cup of almonds blanched and

chopped fine, one ounce of sugar, two tablespoonfuls of sherry, let the

buns soak in this for awhile. Butter a mould, sprinkle with fine bread

crumbs, take the buns out of the custard, lay them in the mould and

pour the custard over them. Set the mould in a pan of boiling water in

the oven and bake three-quarters of an hour, and serve hot with a sauce.

Other Recipes

Bread And Butter Pudding No 2

Cut some slices of home-made bread about half an inch thick, butter and

lay in a pudding dish, sprinkle with currants, put another layer of

buttered bread and currants. Beat three eggs light and stir into a pint

of milk, sweeten to taste, flavor with a little grated lemon peel or

cinnamon, pour over the bread and butter and bake in a moderate oven

until the custard is set. Test with a knife; if it comes out clean it is

done. If baked too long the pudding will be watery. Serve cold and in

the dish in which it is baked.

Other Recipes

Bread And Butter Pudding

Cut a penny loaf or French roll into thin slices of bread and butter, as

for tea; butter the bottom of the dish, and cover it with slices of

bread and butter; sprinkle on them a few currants, well washed and

picked; then lay another layer of bread and butter; then again sprinkle

a few currants, and so on till you have put in all the bread and butter.

Beat up three eggs with a pint of milk, a little salt, grated nutmeg, or

ginger, and a few bitter almonds, and pour it on the bread and butter.

Put a puff paste round the dish, and bake it half an hour.

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