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(Salads And Sauces) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

5 slices Stale Bread

1/2 gill Oil

3 Pickled Onions

1 piece Pickled Cauliflower--2d.

2 Eggs--2d.

1 Beetroot

2 slices Cold Mutton

1 tablespoonful Vinegar--1d.

Mustard and Cress--1/2d.

Total Cost--51/2 d.

Trim off the crust and cut the bread into dice, put into a bowl and
pour over the oil. Let it stand till all the oil is absorbed; then
mince up the onion, cauliflower, eggs, and meat, and strew them over.
Season with pepper and salt. Well wash the mustard and cress and
arrange on the top. Cut the beetroot into neat shapes and arrange as a

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Take cucumbers and cut lengthwise to serve the salad in; scrape out the
inside and salt well, then squeeze and use this to mix with the filling.
Take a pair of sweetbreads, or calf's brains, wash well, and boil; when
done, throw in cold water at once and skim them; chop fine, add bunch of
celery (if you can get it), one can of French peas, scraped part of
cucumber; mix all together and season. Make a mayonnaise, mix with it,
and fill the cucumber shells; keep all cold, and serve on lettuce leaf.

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This is one of the nicest of the salads for a simple card party. It takes
the place of both vegetables and meat, and with brown bread and nut
sandwiches as an accompaniment, is very attractive. Peel the tomatoes, cut
off the stem end and scoop out the core and seeds. Fill the tomatoes with
either crab flakes, chopped lobster, canned salmon, or sardines. Squeeze
over a little lemon juice, and dust with salt and pepper. Turn them
upside down on a nest of lettuce leaves, and cover the tomato with creamy

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16 Sweetbread Salad

Take 6 beef sweetbreads, parboil and cut fine. Mix well with mayonnaise

dressing, pile on lettuce leaves, garnish with hard boiled egg.

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Sweetbread Salad

One pair sweetbreads, two cucumbers, one cup mayonnaise. Decorate with

shredded lettuce border.

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