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(Sauces.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Take a large onion and boil it, with a little pepper till quite soft,
in milk, then take it out, and pour the milk over grated stale bread,
then boil it up with a piece of butter, and dredge it with flour; it
should be well beaten up with a silver fork.
The above can be made without butter or milk: take a large onion,
slice it thin, put it into a little veal gravy, add grated bread,
pepper, &c., and the yolk and white of an egg well beaten.

Other Recipes

Roast Quail With Bread Sauce

Peel and slice an onion and put it over the fire in a pint of milk;

pluck and singe half a dozen quail, draw them without breaking the

intestines, cut off the heads and feet, and wipe them with a wet towel;

rub them all over with butter; season them with pepper and salt, and

roast them before a very hot fire for fifteen minutes basting them three

or four times with butter. Have some slices of toast laid under them to

catch the drippings. While the birds are roasting make a bread sauce as

follows; roll a pint bowlfull of dry bread, and sift the crumbs; use the

finest ones for the sauce, and the largest for the frying later; remove

the onion from the milk in which it has been boiling, stir into the milk

the finest portion of the crumbs, season it with a saltspoonful of white

pepper and a grate of nutmeg, stir in a tablespoonful of butter, and

stir the sauce until it is smooth; then place the saucepan containing it

in a pan of boiling water to keep it hot; put two tablespoonfuls of

butter over the fire in a frying pan, and when it is smoking hot put

into it the coarse half of the crumbs, dust them with cayenne pepper,

and stir them until they are light brown; then at once put them on a hot

dish; put the bread sauce into a gravy-boat ready to send it to the

table. Arrange to have the fried breadcrumbs, sauce and quail done at

the same time; serve the birds on the toast which has been laid under

them; in serving the quail, lay each bird on a hot plate, pour over it a

large spoonful of the bread sauce and on that place a spoonful of the

fried bread crumbs.

Other Recipes

Bread Sauce


One half pint boiled milk to one cup of fine bread crumbs, one small

onion, two cloves, one piece of mace, salt to taste, let simmer five

minutes, add small piece of butter.


Pare, quarter, and core twelve good sized tart apples, place in a

porcelain kettle with two quarts of cranberries, cover well with cold

water and stew until soft, then strain through a jelly bag, add to this

juice two pounds of confectioner's sugar, and boil as you would any

other jelly, until it falls from the skimmer; when you dip it in skim

off any froth that arises while boiling, put in moulds and let it get

firm before using.

Other Recipes

Bread Sauce For A Roast Fowl

Chop a small onion or shalot fine, and boil it in a pint of milk for

five minutes; then add about ten ounces of crumb of bread, a bit of

butter, pepper and salt to season; stir the whole on the fire for ten

minutes, and eat this bread sauce with roast fowl or turkey.

Other Recipes

6 Roast Pigeons With Bread Sauce

Stuff the pigeons with ordinary force meat. Roast and serve around a

pyramid of baked tomatoes, and serve with the following sauce.

SAUCE Simmer three small onions, sliced, in 1/2 a pint of milk for an

hour. Take out the onions, put in grated bread, a small lump of butter,

pepper, salt, a dessertspoonful of chopped parsley, 1 chili and 1

anchovy (washed and boned) shredded fine. Make it the consistency of

bread sauce.

Other Recipes

Bread Sauce No 1

Put into half a pint of water a good sized piece of bread-crumb, not

new, with an onion, a blade of mace, a few peppercorns, in a bit of

cloth; boil them a few minutes; take out the onion and spice, mash the

bread smooth, add a little salt and a piece of butter.

Other Recipes

Bread Sauce No 2

Take a French roll, or white bread crumb; set it on the fire, with some

good broth or gravy, a small bag of peppercorns, and a small onion; add

a little good cream, and a little pepper and salt; you may rub it

through a sieve or not.

Other Recipes

Bread Sauce No 3

Take the crumb of a French roll; put it into a saucepan, with two large

onions, some white peppercorns, and about a pint of water. Let it boil

over a slow fire till the onions are very tender; then drain off the

water; rub the bread and onions through a hair sieve; put the pulp into

a stewpan, with a bit of butter, a little salt, and a gill of cream; and

keep it stirring till it boils.

Other Recipes

Bread Sauce No 4

Put bread crumbs into a stewpan with as much milk as will soak them;

moisten with broth; add an onion and a few peppercorns. Let it boil or

simmer till it becomes stiff: then add two table-spoonfuls of cream,

melted butter, or good broth. Take out the onion and peppercorns when

ready to serve.

Other Recipes

Bread Sauce For Pig

To the sauce made as directed in No. 1 add a few currants picked and

washed, and boil them in it.

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