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(Fish) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

For broiling, large fish should be split down the back and head and tail
removed; salmon and halibut should be cut into one-inch slices, and
smelts and other small fish left whole. Wipe the fish as dry as
possible; sprinkle with salt and pepper and if the fish is dry and white
brush the flesh side well with olive oil or butter. Put in a
well-greased broiler, placing the thickest parts of the fish toward the
middle or back of the broiler. Hold over a hot fire until the flesh side
is nicely browned; then cook the skin side just long enough to make the
skin crisp. Small fish require from ten to fifteen minutes, large fish
from fifteen to twenty-five. To remove from the broiler loosen one side
first, then the other, and lift carefully with a cake turner. Place on a
platter; spread with butter and stand in the oven for a few minutes.
Garnish with lemon and serve with Maître d'Hôtel butter.

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2 Mullet--8d.

2 teaspoonful Oil



Total Cost--81/2 d.

Time--10 Minutes.

Split the mullet open and wash away the black substance from the bones,
dry on a cloth, rub with oil and sprinkle them with pepper and salt,
and leave them in a cool place for an hour. Rub a gridiron with a piece
of suet, and when it is quite hot put on the fish and broil it
carefully, turning it two or three times whilst cooking. Lay on a hot
dish and rub over with a little butter.
To broil successfully a very clear fire is required, and it should be
made up some time before it is wanted. Broiling on a gas-stove is
equivalent to broiling over a fire.

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Cook small fish whole in sufficient boiling water to cover. Cut large
fish, such as salmon or halibut in thick pieces and tie in piece of
cheesecloth. Boil from 20 to 45 minutes, depending upon weight of
fish. Drain, season and serve with egg sauce page 35.

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Sauce For Broiled Fish

(Salsa per pesce in gratella)

This sauce is composed of yolks of eggs, salted anchovies, olive oil and

lemon juice. Boil the eggs in their shell for ten minutes and for every

hard yolk take one large anchovy or two small. Bone the anchovies and

rub them on the sieve together with the hard (or semi-hard) yolks, and

dissolve all with oil and lemon juice to reduce it like a cream. Cover

with this sauce the broiled fish before sending to the table, or serve

aside in a gravy boat.

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Broiled Fish Cucumber Sauce

Serve a small piece of broiled halibut, salmon, or sword fish, with

cucumber sauce.

Cucumber Sauce.--Pare one-half cucumber, grate and drain. Season with

salt, pepper and vinegar.

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