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Broiled Kidneys

(Sunday Dinners.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Mix together in a deep plate the following

ingredients, which will cost about three cents; one ounce of butter,

half a level teaspoonful of pepper, one teaspoonful each of mustard, and

any table sauce or vinegar, and as much cayenne as you can take up on

the point of a small pen-knife blade; toast half a loaf of stale bread,

(cost three cents,) cut in slices one inch thick; wash, split, and broil

one pound of pig's or sheep's kidneys, (cost ten cents or less;) while

the kidneys are broiling dip the toast in the first named seasonings,

lay it on a hot dish, and lay the kidneys on it as soon as they are

broiled; season them with salt and pepper, and serve them hot with one

quart of plain boiled potatoes, (cost three cents.) The cost of the

entire dinner will be less than twenty cents.

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Broiled Kidneys

These are quite an epicure's dish, and care must be taken to cook them

slowly. Having skinned the kidneys (they must not be split or cut) dip

them for a moment in boiling fat, place them on the gridiron over a

slow fire, turning them every minute. They will take ten to fifteen

minutes to cook, and will be done as soon as the gravy begins to run.

Place them on a hot dish rubbed over with butter, salt and pepper them

rather highly. It must be understood that kidneys thus cooked ought to

have the gravy in them, and that when they are cut at table it should

run from them freely and in abundance.

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