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Brown And Polson Pudding

(Plain Cookery Book For The Working Classes)

Ingredients, six ounces of Brown and Polson's prepared Indian corn, two

quarts of milk, two ounces of sugar, a bit of cinnamon or lemon-peel, a

pinch of salt, three eggs. Mix all the above ingredients (except the

eggs) in a saucepan, and stir them on the fire till they come to a boil;

then add the eggs beat up; mix thoroughly, pour the batter into a

pie-dish greased with butter, and bake the pudding for one hour. Brown

and Polson's prepared Indian corn is a most excellent and economical

article of food, equal to arrow-root, and will prove, on trial, to be

both substantial and nutritive, and also easy of digestion to the most

delicate stomachs.

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