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Browning For Made Dishes

(Sauces.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Beat four ounces of loaf sugar very fine: put it into an iron

frying-pan, with an ounce of butter; set it over a clear fire, mixing it

well all the time: when it begins to be frothy, the sugar is dissolving;

hold it high over the fire. When the butter and sugar is of a deep

brown, pour in a little white wine; stir it well; add a little more

wine, stirring it all the time. Put in the rind of a lemon, a little

salt, three spoonfuls of mushroom ketchup, half an ounce of whole

allspice, four shalots peeled; boil them slowly eight minutes, then pour

into a basin, cover it close, and let it stand till next day. Skim and

bottle it. A pint of white wine is the proper quantity for these


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