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(Pancakes, Fritters, Etc.) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Dissolve one cake of compressed yeast and two level teaspoons of brown
sugar in two cups of lukewarm water and one cup of milk, scalded and
cooled; add two cups of buckwheat and one cup of sifted white flour
gradually and one and one-half teaspoons of salt. Beat until smooth;
cover and set aside in a warm place, free from draft, to rise about one
hour. When light stir well and bake on a hot griddle. If wanted for
overnight, use only one-fourth cake of yeast and an extra half teaspoon
of salt. Cover and keep in a cool place.

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About 12 o'clock noon dissolve 1 cake of yeast (the small, round or
square cornmeal cakes) in 1 pint of lukewarm water. Add to this 1
tablespoonful wheat flour, 1 tablespoonful yellow cornmeal, and enough
good buckwheat flour to make a thin batter. Set in a warm place near
the range to rise. About 6 or 7 o'clock in the evening add this sponge
to 1 quart and 1 pint of lukewarm potato water (water drained from
boiled potatoes), 1 tablespoonful of mashed potatoes added improves
the cakes; add salt. They need considerable. Stir in enough buckwheat
flour to make quite a stiff batter, beat hard and set to rise,
covered, in a warm place over night. The next morning add 1
teaspoonful salaratus, dissolved in a little hot water; 1
tablespoonful of baking molasses and a little warm milk, to thin the
batter; or water will answer. The batter should be thin enough to
pour. Let stand a short time, then bake on a hot griddle. Half this
quantity will be enough for a small family. Then use only 1/2
teaspoonful salaratus. Bake golden brown on hot griddle. Serve with
honey or maple syrup. If this recipe for buckwheat cakes is followed,
you should have good cakes, but much of their excellence depends on
the flour. Buy a small quantity of flour and try it before investing
in a large quantity, as you cannot make good cakes from a poor brand
of flour.

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1-3/4 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 teaspoons Dr. Price's Baking Powder
2 eggs
1-1/2 cups milk
1 tablespoon shortening
Mix and sift dry ingredients; add beaten eggs, milk and melted
shortening; mix well. Bake on hot slightly greased griddle and serve
immediately with butter and syrup.

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Buckwheat Cakes

One cake yeast, one coffee-cup cornmeal, two coffee-cups buckwheat, one

teaspoonful salt, one quart tepid water. Before cooking, add four

tablespoonfuls milk and two of molasses in which you have stirred a

teaspoonful of soda.

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Buckwheat Cakes

Do, dear James, mix up the cakes:

Just one quart of meal it takes;

Pour the water on the pot,

Be careful it is not too hot;

Sift the meal well through your hand,

Thicken well--don't let it stand;

Stir it quick,--clash, clatter, clatter!

O what light, delicious batter!

Now listen to the next command:

On the dresser let it stand

Just three quarters of an hour,

To feel the gently rising power

Of powders, melted into yeast,

To lighten well this precious feast.

See, now it rises to the brim!

Quick, take the ladle, dip it in;

So let it rest, until the fire

The griddle heats as you desire.

Be careful that the coals are glowing,

No smoke around its white curls throwing;

Apply the suet, softly, lightly;

The griddle's black face shines more brightly.

Now pour the batter on; delicious!

Don't, dear James, think me officious,

But lift the tender edges lightly;

Now turn it over quickly, sprightly.

'Tis done! Now on the white plate lay it:

Smoking hot, with butter spread,

'Tis quite enough to turn our head!

Other Recipes

Buckwheat Cakes

Mix a quart of buckwheat flour with a pint of lukewarm milk, (water will

do, but is not as good,) and a tea-cup of yeast--set it in a warm place

to rise. When light, (which will be in the course of eight or ten hours

if family yeast is used, if brewers' yeast is used, they will rise much

quicker,) add a tea-spoonful of salt--if sour, the same quantity of

saleratus, dissolved in a little milk, and strained. If they are too

thick, thin them with cold milk or water. Fry them in just fat enough to

prevent their sticking to the frying pan.

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