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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

Place in a mixing bowl 2 cups of warm, mashed potatoes and add 3/4 of
a cup of shortening (a mixture of lard and butter), (or use Aunt
Sarah's substitute for butter); one cup of A sugar and 1 teaspoonful
Beat all to a cream. When lukewarm, add 2 eggs and either 1 yeast cake
dissolved in 1 cup of lukewarm water, or 1 cup of potato yeast; use
about 2 cups of flour to make a thin batter. Set to raise over night
or early in the morning. When well risen add about 4 cups of flour.
Make about as stiff a dough as can be stirred well with a mixing
spoon. Place soft dough on a bake-board; roll out into a sheet about
one-half inch thick; cut into squares about the size of a common soda
cracker; bring each of the four corners together in the centre like an
envelope; pinch together; place a small piece of butter (about
one-eighth teaspoonful) on the top where the four corners join. Stand
in a warm place to rise. When well risen and light place in the oven.
When baked, take from oven, and while hot dip all sides in melted
butter and dust granulated or pulverized sugar over top. These are
not as much trouble to prepare as one would suppose from the
directions for making. The same dough may be cut in doughnuts with a
tin cutter and fried in hot fat after raising, or the dough may be
molded into small, round biscuits if preferred, and baked in oven.

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