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Cabinet Pudding

(Desserts) - (The Community Cook Book)

Butter a melon mold, decorated with seeded raisins; one layer

lady-fingers or stale sponge cake, then a few raisins, then repeat until

the mold is nearly full; beat well the yolks of three eggs, add three

tablespoonfuls sugar, one-half saltspoonful salt, add slowly one pint

boiling milk, pour over cake in mold, and then steam for one hour. Serve

with Foamy Sauce.

Foamy Sauce.

Rub one-half cup butter to a cream, add slowly one cup powdered sugar,

one teaspoonful vanilla. When ready to serve, add one-fourth cup boiling

water, the whites of two eggs beaten to a foam.

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Cabinet Pudding

Butter very thickly a pint pudding-basin, and cover it neatly with

stoned muscatel raisins, the outer side of them being kept to the basin.

Lightly fill up the basin with alternate layers of sponge-cake and

ratafias, and when ready to steam the pudding, pour by degrees over the

cake a custard made of half-a-pint of boiling milk, an egg, three lumps

of sugar, a tablespoonful of brandy, and a little lemon flavouring.

Cover the basin with a paper cap and steam or boil gently for

three-quarters of an hour. Great care should be taken not to boil

puddings of this class fast, as it renders them tough and flavourless.

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