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(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Five pounds of flour dried, six pounds of currants, a quart of boiled

cream, a pound and a half of butter, twenty eggs, the whites of six

only, a pint of ale yest, one ounce of cinnamon finely beaten, one ounce

of cloves and mace also well beaten, a quarter of a pound of sugar, a

little salt, half a pound of orange and citron. Put in the cream and

butter when it is just warm; mix all well together, and let it stand

before the fire to rise. Put it into your hoop, and leave it in the oven

an hour and a quarter. The oven should be as hot as for a manchet.

Other Recipes

Lady Baltimore Cake

Cream one pound of sugar and half a pound of butter. Beat the yolks
and whites of eight eggs separately, and add the beaten yolks to the
butter and sugar. Stir in half a pint of milk and one pound of flour
with four teaspoonfuls of baking powder. Flavor with lemon or vanilla
and bake in three layers. For the filling, boil three cups of powdered
sugar and three-quarters of a cup of water for five minutes. Beat four
eggs, the yolks and whites together, and into them stir the boiling
syrup, add two cups of chopped raisins and two cups of almonds,
chopped and blanched. Flavor with vanilla and spread thickly between
the layers of cake. Cover with white frosting.

Other Recipes

Silver Cake

Beat lightly the whites of eight eggs. Cream two cups of sugar and
half a cup of butter. Stir into the eggs, adding three-fourths of a
cup of milk. Sift into the batter three cups of flour and one heaping
teaspoonful of baking powder. Bake in a moderate oven.

Other Recipes

Gold Cake

Cream a cup of sugar and three-fourths of a cup of butter. Mix into
this the beaten yolks of eight eggs and half a cup of milk. Last add
one and a half cups of flour with one teaspoonful of baking powder.

Other Recipes

Fig Filling for Cake

Chop together one pound of dried figs and one cup of seeded raisins.
Add the juice and grated rind of a lemon and sugar to taste. Pour over
the mixture a cup of water and heat thoroughly, mixing it over the
fire. Spread between layers of white cake.

Other Recipes


Grate finely an equal quantity of stale bread and good cheese, season
with a little pepper and salt, mix into a batter with eggs, form into
thin cakes and fry.

Other Recipes


Take one pound of butter, warm it over the fire with a little milk,
put it into a pan with a pound of flour, six eggs, a quarter of a
pound of sweet almonds finely pounded, and two table-spoonsful of
yeast; beat these ingredients well together into a light paste, and
set it before the fire to rise, butter the inside of a pan, and fill
it with alternate layers of the paste, and of pounded almonds, sugar,
citron, and cinnamon; when baked, and while hot, make holes through
the siesta with a small silver skewer, taking care not to break it,
and pour over clarified sugar till it is perfectly soaked through.

Other Recipes


Rub half a pound of fresh butter into a pound of flour; work it well
together, then add half a pound of sifted sugar, and a tea-spoonful of
pounded cinnamon, and make it into a paste, with three eggs; roll it,
and cut into small cakes, with tin cutters.

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Beat to a cream one pound of butter, to which add the same quantity of
sifted loaf sugar and of fine flour, the whites of ten eggs beaten to
a froth, and the yolks of the same also beaten till quite smooth
and thin, and half a nutmeg grated; lastly, work in one pound of
well-washed currants, half a pound of mixed candied peels, cut small,
and a glass of brandy; bake for two hours.

Other Recipes


Beat together five eggs and half a pound of white sugar, then add six
ounces of flour well dried and sifted, a little lemon-juice and grated
lemon-peel; bake in a moderate oven.

Other Recipes


Mix one pound of flour with the same quantity of butter, sugar, and
currants; make these into a paste with a couple of eggs, add a little
orange flower-water and a little white wine; if the paste is likely
to be too thin when two eggs are used, omit the white of one; drop the
mixture when ready on a tin plate, and bake.

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