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(EntrÉes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

After carefully washing one calf's foot, split and put it on with one
quart water. Boil from four to five hours. Strain and let stand
overnight. Put on stove next day and when it begins to boil add the
stiff-beaten whites of two eggs; boil till clear, then strain through
cheesecloth. Add sherry and sugar to taste. Let it become firm before
Take one calf's head and four calf's feet, and clean carefully. Let them
lay in cold water for half an hour. Set on to boil with four quarts of
water. Add two or three small onions, a few cloves, salt, one teaspoon
of whole peppers, two or three bay leaves, juice of a large lemon
(extract the seeds), one cup of white wine and a little white wine
vinegar (just enough to give a tart taste). Let this boil slowly for
five or six hours (it must boil until it is reduced one-half). Then
strain, through a fine hair sieve and let it stand ten or twelve hours.
Remove the meat from the bones and when cold cut into fine pieces. Add
also the boiled brains (which must be taken up carefully to avoid
falling to pieces). Skim off every particle of fat from the jelly and
melt slowly. Add one teaspoon of sugar and the whipped whites of three
eggs, and boil very fast for about fifteen minutes, skimming well.
Taste, and if not tart enough, add a dash of vinegar. Strain through a
flannel bag, do not squeeze or shake it until the jelly ceases to run
freely. Remove the bowl and put another under, into which you may press
out what remains in the bag (this will not be as clear, but tastes quite
as good). Wet your mould, put in the jelly and set in a cool place. In
order to have a variety, wet another mould and put in the bits of meat,
cut up, and the brains and, lastly, the jelly; set this on ice. It must
be thick, so that you can cut it into slices to serve.

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