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Calf's Head

(Practical Cookery.) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

Boil the head two hours, together with the lights and feet. Put in the

liver when it has boiled an hour and twenty minutes. Before the head is

done, tie the brains in a bag, and boil them with it; when the brains

are done, take them up, season them with salt, pepper, butter, and sweet

herbs, or spices if you like--use this as a dressing for the head. Some

people prefer part of the liver and feet for dressing--they are prepared

like the brains. The liquor that the calf's head is boiled in, makes a

good soup, seasoned in a plain way like any other veal soup, or seasoned

turtle fashion. The liquor should stand until the next day after the

head is boiled, in order to have the fat rise, and skimmed off. If you

wish to have your calf's head look brown, take it up when tender, rub a

little butter over it, sprinkle on salt, pepper, and allspice--sprinkle

flour over it, and put before the fire, with a Dutch oven over it, or in

a brick oven where it will brown quick. Warm up the brains with a little

water, butter, salt, and pepper. Add wine and spices if you like. Serve

it up as a dressing for the head. Calf's head is also good, baked. Halve

it, rub butter over it, put it in a pan, with about a quart of water;

then cover it with a dressing made of bread soaked soft, a little

butter, an egg, and season it with salt, pepper, and powdered mace.

Slice up the brains, and lay them in the pan with the head. Bake it in a

quick oven, and garnish it with slices of lemon, or force meat balls.

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Calf's Head Surprised

And the dish set before them,--O dish well devised!--

Was what Old Mother Glasse calls "_a calf's head surprised_."


Clean and blanch a calf's head, boil it till the bones will come out

easily, then bone and press it between two dishes, so as to give it a

headlong form; beat it with the yolks of four eggs, a little melted

butter, pepper and salt. Divide the head when cold, and brush it all

over with the beaten eggs, and strew over it grated bread, which is put

over one half; a good quantity of finely minced parsley should be mixed;

place the head upon a dish, and bake it of a nice brown color. Serve it

with a sauce of parsley and butter, and with one of good gravy, mixed

with the brains, which have been previously boiled, chopped, and

seasoned with a little cayenne and salt.

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Calf's Head Roasted

Good L--d! to see the various ways

Of dressing a calf's head.


Wash and clean it well, parboil it, take out the bones, brains, and

tongue; make forcemeat sufficient for the head, and some balls with

breadcrumbs, minced suet, parsley, grated ham, and a little pounded veal

or cold fowl; season with salt, grated nutmeg, and lemon-peel; bind it

with an egg beaten up; fill the head with it, which must then be sewed

up, or fastened with skewers and tied; while roasting baste it well with

butter; beat up the brains with a little cream, the yolk of an egg, some

minced parsley, a little pepper and salt; blanch the tongue and cut it

into slices, and fry it with the brains, forcemeat balls, and thin

slices of bacon.

Serve the head with white or brown thickened gravy, and place the tongue

and forcemeat balls round it. Garnish with cut lemon. It will require

one hour and a half to roast.

Other Recipes

Testa Di Vitello Alla Sorrentina Calf's Head

Ingredients: Calf's head, veal, sweetbread, truffles, mushrooms,

pistacchio nuts, eggs, herbs, spice, stock, bacon, ham.

Boil a half calf's head well, and when it is half cold, bone it and fill

it with a stuffing of veal, the calf's brains, sweetbread, truffles,

mushrooms, pistacchio nuts, the yolks of two eggs, herbs, and a little

spice. Then stitch it up and braize it in good stock, with some slices

of bacon, ham, and a bunch of herbs. Serve with brain sauce mixed with


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Testa Di Vitello Con Salsa Napoletana Calf's Head

Ingredients: Calf's head, calf's liver, bacon, suet, truffles, almonds,

olives, calf's brains, capers, spice, coriander seeds, herbs, ham,


Boil half a calf's head, bone it and fill it with a stuffing made of

four ounces of calf's liver, well chopped up and pounded in a mortar;

two ounces of bacon, one ounce of suet, three truffles, six almonds,

three olives, six coriander seeds, six capers, the calf's brains, a

pinch of spice and a teaspoonful of chopped herbs. Roll up the head, tie

it up and put it into a stewpan with some bits of bacon, ham, and very

good stock, and stew it slowly. Serve with Neapolitan sauce (No.12), or

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Testa Di Vitello Alla Pompadour Calf's Head

Ingredients: Calf's head, calf's brains, cream, eggs, truffles,

cinnamon, stock, butter, Parmesan.

Boil and bone half a calf's head and fill it with a stuffing made of the

calf's brains, a gill of cream, the yolks of two eggs, two truffles cut

up, a little chopped ham, and a tiny pinch of cinnamon. Boil it in good

stock, and when it is sufficiently cooked take it out and mask it all

over with a mixture of butter, yolk of egg, and a tablespoonful of

grated Parmesan, then brown it in the oven and serve hot.

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Testa Di Vitello Alla Sanseverino Calf's Head

Ingredients: Calf's head, sweetbread, fowl's liver, anchovies, herbs,

capers, garlic, bacon, ham, Malmsey or Muscat.

Boil and bone half a calf's head, and fill it with a stuffing made of

half a pound of sweetbread, a fowl's liver, two anchovies, a teaspoonful

of chopped herbs, a few chopped capers, and the calf's brains. Roll the

head up, stitch it together and braize it in half a tumbler of Malmsey

or Australian Muscat (Burgoyne's), half a cup of very good white stock,

some bits of ham and bacon, and a clove of garlic with two cuts. Cook it

gently for four hours and serve it with its own sauce. Do not leave the

garlic in longer than ten minutes.

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Testa Di Vitello In Frittata Calf's Head

Ingredients: Calf's head, eggs, Parmesan, ham, pepper, butter, croutons.

A good rechauffe' of calf's head may be made in the following manner:

After the head has been well boiled in good stock, cut it into slices

and mask these with a mixture of eggs well beaten up, grated Parmesan,

pepper, and chopped ham. Fry in butter, and garnish with fried parsley

and fried croutons. Serve with a sauce made of a quarter of a pint of

good Bechamel (No. 3) and a dessert-spoonful of New Century sauce.

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Sauce For Turtle Or Calf's Head

To half a pint of hot melted butter, or beef gravy, put the juice and

grated rind of half a lemon, a little sage, basil, or sweet marjoram, a

little cayenne, or black pepper, and salt. Add a wine glass of white

wine just before you take it up.

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Mock Turtle Or Calf's Head Soup

Boil the head until perfectly tender--then take it out, strain the

liquor, and set it away until the next day--then skim off the fat, cut

up the meat, together with the lights, and put it into the liquor, put

it on the fire, and season it with salt, pepper, cloves, and mace--add

onions and sweet herbs, if you like--stew it gently for half an hour.

Just before you take it up, add half a pint of white wine. For the

balls, chop lean veal fine, with a little salt pork, add the brains, and

season it with salt, pepper, cloves, mace, sweet herbs or curry powder,

make it up into balls about the size of half an egg, boil part in the

soup, and fry the remainder, and put them in a dish by themselves.

Other Recipes

Half A Calf's Head Boiled

Be careful and get a young one, as they look much handsomer served up,

and besides are more tender. First cut in the direction c, b. The

throat bread is considered the choicest part; it lies in the fleshy

portion, near the termination of the jaw-bone, and the line c, d,

shows the direction to cut into it. On the under part of the lower jaw

there is some very nice meat; and about the ear, g, some fat rather

gristly, but highly esteemed. The part near the neck is very inferior.

Sometimes the bone in the line f, e, is cut off, but this is a

coarse part. The sweet tooth is quite a delicacy--it lies back of all

the rest, and, in a young calf, is easily extracted with the knife. Many

like the eye, which you must cut out with the point of your knife, and

divide in two. Under the head is the palate, which is reckoned a nicety.

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