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Calf's Head Soup

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a knuckle of veal, and put as much water to it as will make a good

soup; let it boil, skimming it very well. Add two carrots, three

anchovies, a little mace, pepper, celery, two onions, and some

sweetherbs. Let it boil to a good soup, and strain it off. Put to it a

full half pint of Madeira wine; take a good many mushrooms, stew them in

their own liquor; add this sauce to your soup. Scald the calf's head as

for a hash; cut it in the same manner, but smaller; flour it a little,

and fry it of a fine brown. Then put the soup and fried head together

into a stewpan, with some oysters and mushrooms, and let them stew

gently for an hour.

Other Recipes

Mock Turtle Or Calf's Head Soup

Boil the head until perfectly tender--then take it out, strain the

liquor, and set it away until the next day--then skim off the fat, cut

up the meat, together with the lights, and put it into the liquor, put

it on the fire, and season it with salt, pepper, cloves, and mace--add

onions and sweet herbs, if you like--stew it gently for half an hour.

Just before you take it up, add half a pint of white wine. For the

balls, chop lean veal fine, with a little salt pork, add the brains, and

season it with salt, pepper, cloves, mace, sweet herbs or curry powder,

make it up into balls about the size of half an egg, boil part in the

soup, and fry the remainder, and put them in a dish by themselves.

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