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Calf's Head Surprised

(Meats.) - (A Poetical Cook-book)

And the dish set before them,--O dish well devised!--

Was what Old Mother Glasse calls "_a calf's head surprised_."


Clean and blanch a calf's head, boil it till the bones will come out

easily, then bone and press it between two dishes, so as to give it a

headlong form; beat it with the yolks of four eggs, a little melted

butter, pepper and salt. Divide the head when cold, and brush it all

over with the beaten eggs, and strew over it grated bread, which is put

over one half; a good quantity of finely minced parsley should be mixed;

place the head upon a dish, and bake it of a nice brown color. Serve it

with a sauce of parsley and butter, and with one of good gravy, mixed

with the brains, which have been previously boiled, chopped, and

seasoned with a little cayenne and salt.

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