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Calf's Head To Hash No 5

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Have the head well cleaned; boil it well, cut in slices half of the

head, and have some good ragout of forcemeat, truffles, mushrooms,

morels, and artichoke bottoms, also some veal sweet-herbs. Season your

ragout, and throw in your slices, a bit of garlic and parsley, with some

thyme, and squeeze a lemon in it, but be cautious to have it skimmed

well. Take the other part of the head, and score it like diamonds;

season with salt and pepper, and rub it over with an egg and some crumbs

of bread. Then broil it, pour the hash into the dish; let the half head

lie in the middle, and cut and set off the brains afterwards in slices.

Fry bacon, and lay slices round the dish with sliced lemon.

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