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Calf's Liver

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Lay it for a few hours in milk, then dry and fry it in butter.

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26 Calf's Liver Fried In Crumbs

Wash and parboil slices of liver, then roll each piece, in crumbs, then

in beaten egg, then in crumbs again. Fry in hot lard.

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Roasted Calf's Liver

Pray a slice of your _liver_.


Wash and wipe it, then cut a long hole in it, and stuff it with crumbs

of bread, chopped, an anchovy, a good deal of fat bacon, onion, salt,

pepper, a bit of butter, and an egg; sew the liver up, lard it, wrap it

in a veal caul, and roast it. Serve with good brown gravy and currant


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Calf's Liver And Heart

Are good, broiled or fried. Some people like the liver stuffed and


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