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(Beef--uncooked) - (Made-over Dishes)

The genuine Hamburg steaks are rich in onion and very rich in fatty
matter, too much so to be wholesome; so we will modify them, that they may
be eaten even by dyspeptics or persons with weak digestion. Put twice
through a meat chopper the tough ends of steaks or bits of the round. To
each pound of this meat allow a half teaspoonful of celery seed, a
teaspoonful of grated onion. Form into thick even cakes, being sure that
the center and sides are the same thickness. These may now be broiled
over a clear fire, or under the gas lights in your gas broiler, or they
may be dropped into a thoroughly heated iron pan. As soon as browned on
one side, turn and brown the other. If the steaks are an inch thick, it
will take eight minutes for perfect cooking. An exceedingly satisfactory
way is to brown them quickly over a hot fire, then put the pan in the oven
and allow them to cook for five minutes. Dust with salt, season with a
little butter and pepper, and send to the table on a very hot dish; or
serve with brown or tomato sauce. If they have been cooked over the fire,
or in the oven, put a tablespoonful of butter into the pan in which they
were cooked, add a tablespoonful of flour, a half cup of stock, and a half
cup of strained tomatoes. When boiling, add a teaspoonful of salt, a dash
of pepper, and pour over the steaks.

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