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(Sauces.) - (The Jewish Manual)

This is merely melted butter with a few pickled capers simmered in it,
or they may be put into a sauce made of broth thickened with egg, and
a little flour.

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Caper Sauce

(Salsa con capperi)

This sauce is especially adapted for boiled fish and the quantities are

for a little more than one pound of fish. The ingredients are two ounces

of butter, two ounces of capers soaked in vinegar one teaspoonful of

flour, salt, pepper and vinegar.

Boil the fish and, when it is left warm in its broth, prepare the sauce.

Put on the fire the flour with half of the butter, mix it and when it

begins to take color, add the remaining butter.

Let boil a little and then pour one half cup of the broth of the fish:

season generously with salt and pepper and take the saucepan from the

fire. Then throw in it the capers, half whole, half chopped, and some

drops of vinegar, but taste it to dose the sauce so that it is pleasant

to the taste and as thick as liquid cream.

It is well to observe here that these sauces in which butter is used

together with acids, such as vinegar, are not for weak stomachs and

should be partaken of sparingly.

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Caper Sauce

Along these shores

Neglected trade with difficulty toils,

Collecting slender stores; the sun-dried grape,

Or _capers_ from the rock, that prompt the taste

Of luxury.


To make a quarter of a pint, take a tablespoonful of capers and two

teaspoonfuls of vinegar. The present fashion of cutting capers is to

mince one-third of them very fine, and divide the others in half; put

them into a quarter of a pint of melted butter, or good thickened gravy;

stir them the same way as you did the melted butter, or it will oil.

Some boil and mince fine a few leaves of parsley or chevrel or tarragon,

and add to the sauce; others, the juice of half a Seville orange or


Other Recipes

Caper Sauce

Chop half of the capers, and the rest put in whole; chop also a little

parsley very fine, with a little bread grated very fine, and add salt:

put these into smooth melted butter.

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