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Caraway Cake

(Cheap Puddings, Pies, And Cakes.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Beat to a cream four ounces each of butter and sugar,

(cost twelve cents,) stir in two eggs, (cost two cents,) one gill of

milk, (cost one cent,) one pound of sifted flour, (cost four cents,) and

five cents' worth of caraway seed; bake the cake for two hours in a deep

earthen dish, testing it with a clean broom splint to be sure it is done

before you take it from the oven. It will cost about twenty-four cents.

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Caraway Cake No 1

Melt two pounds of fresh butter in tin or silver; let it stand

twenty-four hours; then rub into it four pounds of fine flour, dried.

Mix in eight eggs, and whip the whites to a froth, a pint of the best

yest, and a pint of sack, or any fine strong sweet wine. Put in two

pounds of caraway seeds. Mix all these ingredients thoroughly; put the

paste into a buttered pan, and bake for two hours and a half. You may

mix with it half an ounce of cloves and cinnamon.

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Caraway Cake No 2

Take a quart of flour, a quarter of a pint of good ale yest, three

quarters of a pound of fresh butter, one quarter of a pound of almonds,

three quarters of a pound of caraway comfits, a handful of sugar, four

eggs, leaving out two of the whites, new milk, boiled and set to cool,

citron, orange, and lemon-peel, at your discretion, and two spoonfuls of

sack. First rub your flour and yest together, then rub in the butter,

and make it into a stiff batter with the milk, eggs, and sack; and, when

you are ready to put it into the oven, add the other ingredients. Butter

your hoop and the paper that lies under. This cake will require about

three quarters of an hour baking; if you make it larger, you must allow

more time.

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Caraway Cake No 3

Take four quarts of flour, well dried, and rub into it a pound and a

quarter of butter. Take a pound of almonds, ground with rose-water,

sugar, and cream, half an ounce of mace, and a little cinnamon, beaten

fine, half a pound of citron, six ounces of orange-peel, some dried

apricots, twelve eggs, four of the whites only, half a pound of sugar, a

pint of ale yest, a little sack, and a quart of thick cream, well

boiled. When your cream is nearly cold, mix all these ingredients well

together with the flour; set the paste before the fire to rise; put in

three pounds of double-sugared caraways, and let it stand in the hoop an

hour and a quarter before it is put into the oven.

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Small Caraway Cakes

Take one quart of fine flour, fourteen ounces of butter, five or six

spoonfuls of ale yest, three yolks of eggs, and one white; mix all these

together, with so much cream as will make it into a paste; lay it before

the fire for half an hour; add to it a handful of sugar, and half a

pound of caraway comfits; and when you have worked them into long cakes,

wash them over with rose-water and sugar, and pick up the top pretty

thick with the point of a knife. Your oven must not be hotter than for


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