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Carrot Croquettes

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Wash six small, fine-grained carrots and boil until tender. Drain and

mash them. To each cupful add one-half spoonful of salt and one-fourth

as much pepper, the yolks of two raw eggs, a grate of nutmeg and one

level teaspoonful of butter. Mix thoroughly and set away until cold.

Shape into tiny croquettes, dip in slightly beaten egg, roll in fine

bread crumbs and fry in smoking-hot fat.

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Carrot Croquettes

Boil four large carrots until tender; drain and rub through a sieve, add

one cupful of thick white sauce, mix well and season to taste. When

cold, shape into croquettes, and fry same as other croquettes.

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