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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Scrape the carrots lightly; cut them into large dice or slices and drop
them into salted boiling water, allowing one teaspoon of salt to one
quart of water. Boil until tender; drain and serve with butter and
pepper or with cream sauce.

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Boil them enough to be perfectly tender, then cut them in quarters,
and again in lengths of three inches, drain them from the water, and
put to them a piece of butter, salt and pepper, and simmer them for a
few minutes without boiling; a large piece of butter must be used.
French beans are good dressed in the same way.

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Old carrots may be used for this dish, and are really better than the
new ones. Pare and cut into dice, and simmer in salted water until
tender, but not pulpy. Drain, return to the fire, and for one pint of
carrots add one teaspoon of minced parsley, a grating of loaf sugar,
one-half teaspoon of paprika, one tablespoon of butter and the juice of
half a lemon. Heat through, shaking the dish now and then, so that each
piece of the vegetable will be well coated with the mixture or dressing.

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Wash, scrape and slice one quart carrots roundwise. Put them in a
saucepan with one tablespoon of butter or drippings, three tablespoons
of sugar and one teaspoon salt. Cover closely and let simmer on a slow
fire until tender.

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Scrape, slice and cook one quart of carrots in one quart of boiling
water to which has been added one teaspoon of salt, until tender; drain.
Heat two tablespoons fat, add one small onion, brown lightly, add the
carrots, season with one teaspoon of sugar, one-quarter teaspoon of
salt, one-eighth teaspoon of white pepper and shake well over the fire
for ten minutes, add one and one-half cups of soup stock, cover and
simmer for one-half hour, then add one teaspoon chopped parsley and
serve hot.

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Salt and pepper two pounds of fat brisket of beef and let stand several
hours. Wash and scrape two bunches of carrots and cut in small cubes.
Place in kettle with meat, cover with boiling; water and cook several
hours or until the meat and carrots are tender, and the water is half
boiled away. Heat two tablespoons of fat in a spider, let brown
slightly, add two tablespoons of flour and gradually one cup of carrot
and meat liquid. Place in kettle with meat and carrots and boil until
carrots become browned.
Make a syrup of one cup of sugar and one cup of water by boiling ten
minutes. To this syrup add two cups of carrots diced, which have
previously been browned in two tablespoons hot fat or butter. Cook all
together until carrots are tender. Brown in oven and serve.

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Pare the carrots and cut them into finger lengths, in thin strips. Put a
breast of lamb or mutton on to boil, having previously salted it well.
When boiling, add the carrots and cover closely. Prepare the cabbage as
usual and lay in with the mutton and carrots; boil two hours at least;
when all has boiled tender, skim off some of the fat and put it into a
spider. Add to this one tablespoon of flour, one tablespoon of brown
sugar and one-half teaspoon of cinnamon. Keep adding gravy from the
mutton until well mixed, and pour all over the mutton and vegetables.

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Wash, scrape and cut one pint of carrots in small cubes, cook until
tender, drain and reserve one-half cup of carrot water. Mix carrots
well with one pint cooked green peas. Sprinkle with two tablespoons of
flour, salt, pepper and sugar to taste, add two tablespoons of fat or
butter, one-half cup of milk or soup stock and carrot water, boil a
little longer and serve.
Make the pfärvel. Heat one-quarter cup of butter or other fat, add the
pfärvel and when golden brown, add one quart of boiling water, one-half
cup of sugar, one-half teaspoon of salt, aid one can or one-half peck of
green peas strained. Set in moderate oven and bake one-half hour or
until every kernel stands out separately. Serve hot.

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No. 167. Carote al sughillo (Carrots)

Ingredients: Carrots, stock, butter, sausage, pepper.
Boil some young carrots in stock, slice them up, and put them in a
stewpan with a sausage cut up; cook for quarter of an hour on a
slow fire, then stir up the fire, and when the carrots and sausage
are a good colour add a good Espagnole sauce (No. 1), and serve.

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No. 168. Carote e piselli alla panna (Carrots and Peas)

Ingredients: Young carrots, peas, cream, salt.
Half cook equal quantities of peas and young carrots (the carrots
should be cut in dice, and will require a little longer cooking),
then put them together in a stewpan with three or four
tablespoonsful of cream, and cook till quite tender. Serve hot.

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4 Carrots--1 1/2d.

1 oz. Butter

1 teaspoonful Parsley

Pinch of Salt and Sugar--1d.

Total Cost--21/2 d.

Time--One Hour

Scrape the carrots and slice them up, put them into boiling water
seasoned with salt and sugar, and boil for ten minutes. Strain off the
water. Put the butter into a small saucepan, and when it is hot stir in
the parsley and a few drops of lemon juice. Toss the carrots in this
until they are thoroughly hot, then cover down and cook slowly till
soft. Dish and pour over the butter in which they were cooked.

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